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About Tracy
Born and raised in the Denver metro area, having left home at the age of 15 I definitely went thru the school of hard knocks. I was single young mother of 3 by the age of 20.

After suffering paralysis, my life shifted from Technical to Spiritual. In order to heal, I began to study many different healing modalities. Having been born an Empath with the ability to see and hear Spirit, I feel life has brought me back full circle. As I began to get in tune with my body I also began to reopen the precious gift of my 3rd eye.
Having studied with several Amazing Shaman's such as Garrett Duncan of Navajo Illuminations, Dr Joy Gray also Granddaughter Crow and Gayle Fowler of Geaf Gifts just to name few. I am now able to stand in my power living My BEST LIFE! 

After DNA testing I found I am 51% Native American which validated why I continue to embrace these teachings.

Being a natural caregiver RVing not only allows me to connect with People but also with nature!!
As an Internationally known Medicine Person I travel the globe Teaching, Speaking and being a Divine conduit for healing energy work.

I enjoy working with people, and bring knowledge and inspiration to those whom I work with utilizing my intuitive gift.

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