About Tra

Deciding to leave home at 15 and quit school a few months later afforded me life experience quickly and very early. I built an empire and lost it which dropped me to my knees in prayer.

I lived out of balance, which I believe is the reason a car accident paralysed me. After suffering paralysis and surviving the dark night of the soul I committed to spending the rest of my life serving others with the gift I was so graciously given at birth. Studying with indigenous medicine peoples in addition to learning many spiritual and healing modalities taught me how the body could be healed. Now I am not only able to walk again, I dance, skate and ride my motorcycle.

Having unique abilities, I was born an open channel and empath, however, after predicting a near death experience I shut down because it was too much for my young soul to handle. After the paralysis I honed the gift of being a conduit for the Divine. I’m able to read, negotiate and evolve energy in order to experience healing on a Root Cause Level. My family carries the medicine that runs through my blood as I've experienced it within my elders, children, grandkids and great grandkids. 

I assist You by tapping into the wisdom that lies within Yourself to help You Self Actualize to reach Your FULLEST Potential!

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