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Dr Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray
The Year of Collaboration!!

The Year of Collaboration!!

" The Greatest Teacher is Within, as That is Where Wisdom is Solidified" - GDC

All is energy. Creating a balanced flow of energy throughout your being is empowering and leads to the wonderful authentic expression that you are. Granddaughter Crow is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring individuals towards their greater balance, energy flow, and spirituality. In balance, we make music that is authentic and beautiful - we become a part of a choir called this lifetime. 
Let the energy flow.  The journey is ours... may I fly with you into the magical balance know as YOU!
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Dr. Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray a multi book author, has received a BSBM/BSBA, MBA, and a Doctorate in Leadership. With several years' experience in Corporate America with an International Company, additional time working with the Government, as well as, a College Professor. Internationally recognized as a public speaker, teacher and mentor – Dr. Joy meets each client where they are at, and assists them through personal and organizational development, in order for them to reach their next level of evolution. Member of the Navajo Nation (50%) and Dutch Heritage (50%) – she is able to provide a bi-cultural and bi-cognitive understanding which leads toward healthy understanding of diversity and inclusion of all individuals. Inducted into Delta Mu Delta, International Honors Society. She served for 3-years on the Board of Directors of the Lambda Sigma Chapter. She has volunteered on many committees throughout her career (i.e. scholarship committees, strategic planning committees, and diversity committees, etc). Voted in as Women of the Year 2015, by the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women).
Lifetime learner with advanced degrees who contributes and inspires the growth and development of others through experience and education. Effectively employs highly developed individual and group dynamic skills in order to facilitate effectively at all levels. 
Available Books :

Available Books :

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