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501c3 Non-Profit Making A Difference501c3 Non-Profit Making A DifferenceThe Eagle Heart Foundation promotes connection across all cultures through education and charitable contributions. The integration past wisdom with present knowledge to create a future of both heart and mind.
Granddaughter CrowGranddaughter CrowInternationally recognized as a Medicine Women, Granddaughter Crow was born an Empath and Medium comes from a long lineage of spiritual leaders and esoteric wisdoms. Raised by spiritual leaders, as a child she was fashioned and trained to serve the people through ministry. Member of the Navajo Nation (50%) and Dutch Heritage (50%) – she is able to provide a sense of integration through life experience. Inducted into Delta Mu Delta, International Honors Society. Voted in as Women of the Year 2015, by the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women).
Garrett Duncan - Navajo ILLuminationsGarrett Duncan - Navajo ILLuminationsGarrett was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan (mother) born for the Red Running into the Water clan (father). His maternal grandfather's clan is the Mexican clan and his paternal grandfather's clan is the Many Hogans clan. He is from the small community of Sanostee, New Mexico.
Tammy & Anthony ChinoTammy & Anthony ChinoCollective Frequency is a collective of all star beings who like to raise the vibration through music, art ,and spirituality. Main goal is to spread Love.
Mary LightweaverMary LightweaverIn 1999 searching for change in my life, a doorway opened when I experienced my first Inipi ceremony (sweat lodge) and the pathway of the Red Road led me home. That year, working with the Symbols** and taking Reiki classes brought me to an Inipi ceremony for the 2000 Millennium where my heart and voice made a prayer of surrender. My prayer to Creator offered my heart, body, mind and spirit to be and fulfill my life’s purpose here on earth. Within the following days I experienced a cleansing and quickening of spirit as the movements and breath of Creator’s light energy started to weave and awaken me. I am a mother, grandmother, lightweaver, Sundancer, earth guardian, ordained minister and sometimes a clown. We join together as a family when we gather. Collectively, we assist people to heal and raise their vibration in this time of Ascension and great change. We share our hearts and ceremonies, we laugh, we cry, we sing and together we always pray for Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Truth & Freedom. Mary was recently 1 of 33 women featured in the documentary “Women of Today”, by award winning film maker, Patty Greer. **Symbols – Maka Wicahpi Wicohan – The Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creation
Dr Joy Gray - Major ConsultingDr Joy Gray - Major ConsultingDr. Joy Gray has received a BSBM/BSBA, MBA, and a Doctorate in Leadership. With several years' experience in Corporate America with an International Company, additional time working with the Government, as well as, a College Professor. Internationally recognized as a public speaker, teacher and mentor – Dr. Joy meets each client where they are at, and assists them through personal and organizational development, in order for them to reach their next level of evolution. Member of the Navajo Nation (50%) and Dutch Heritage (50%) – she is able to provide a bi-cultural and bi-cognitive understanding which leads toward healthy understanding of diversity and inclusion of all individuals.
Jeffrey Gray - Alchemical BaseJeffrey Gray  -  Alchemical BaseJeffrey Gray brings many natural talents, leadership abilities and integrity to The Eagle Heart Foundation. In the beginning of his life, he was a musician. He has been playing the electric bass guitar since 1976. In this capacity, he has been in over 15 bands, toured across the United States and Canada.  He is a leader, who has changed the lives of so many people through honesty and integrity. He is a teacher and craftsman of the natural ways of the world. He is a historian and honors the wisdom of the elders and mother earth. “I want The Eagle Heart Foundation to answer the prayers and songs that we’re cast into the winds over 100 years ago.”
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