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Michelle S.
Hello to all that were lucky as me to find Trá in your way.  I'm from Mexico, and I meet Trá at Cancun last day of the year 31st of December. Universe send me the answer I was looking for a good news begining for 2021 as we all had a interesting 2020 . Found Trá and she help me to switch my mind set, in such a way that what seams imposible, became easy, and start to manifest with such an amazing flow, now I think as Trá taught me and I can't be more grateful to her , and the universe. I can't wait to continue my learning with her.

Trá has the wonderful ability to draw you in with kindness and compassion as she helps to set you in tune with what energy working needs you may have. I have personally benefited from her doing such workings on my behalf, and the spiritual trip that i took with her in the summer of 2019 to New Mexico was very helpful in continuing to guide my personal journey. Trá is a wonderful listener, and i have always experienced an air of peace, positivity, and gratefulness when i am in her company. Whether it is gathering herbs, attending a ceremony, or simply sitting with her in classes, she has always inspired me to continue growing in my own path, while doing everything she can to enable that. Trá is a generous spirit, and one that many should seek to gain from.

My first experience with Trá, was at a friends house and it was more than amazing. Her energy and vibe gives a person a sense of love and relaxation. She made me feel comfortable speaking with her, it felt like I was speaking to a sister. The things she told me and spoke to me about were things that I would never be able to talk about to anyone else in person. She was spot on when it came to my feelings and my overall life. The 2nd time we spoke was another great experience. She speaks in ways that makes a person really connect to her. She explains the Root Cause Analysis healing process that I had no idea about. I had to keep seeing her, I wanted her help, to help me with the healing process and give me ways I could live a better life. She was also so helpful with my daughter, as she gave me tools to use to help my daughter and myself to become a better parent. I told my friends and family about Trá, and she came to my home a 3rd time. Yes, a 3rd time because I needes to feel her energy, I wanted her to speak to me in ways I could heal my negative mind and energy. She came to my home and spoke at a small brunch I had and everyone loved her. They were amazed by her presence, her smile, and her upbeat attitude. Trá, is a beautiful person inside and out. I still ask for her help, because I'm still healing, I'm living better, and doing my best. She has helped me so much and my daughter really connects to her. I'm ready to see her again and I can't wait. We love when she's at her home. Thank you Trá, for helping me change my life.

Trá is my friend and my soul sister. My experience with Trá is both personal and professional. I would highly recommend Trá for both. She is a great friend to ride the waves of life with. She is a great teacher of the wisdom that she holds within her as well as continues to learn. The guidance that she speaks is delivered with love, kindness and grace. Her talents are many. There are so many ways Trá can help awaken you to even more greatness.

Melissa H.
Hello, my experience with Trá was positive and her energy is amazing. I meet her when I moved into a new home. She helped me with her knowledge and showed me how to set intentions. I'm forever grateful for her kindness & wisdom.

Desire G.
I have loved Trá's energy from the moment I met her. Getting services from her is just a bonus. She performed services at my baby shower and was a total hit! Love her to pieces ❤️

Nanette M.
I am very pleased with Trá's work. Not only does she explain things fully so I understand but she is so compassionate and you can see and feel the passion she has for her work.

Shantel B.
She pinpointed the pain without me telling her I was in pain. After, I'm much better even 3 years later, she healed me. I'm so grateful!

Nelle N.
You have helped me in so many ways with my healing process and I couldn't thank you more.

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