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From Paralysis to Purpose


In 2010 Tracy experienced a car accident that caused a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis from the waist down. Learn how Tracy defied the odds and defeated the doctors diagnosis of paralysis. Not only did she walk again but is back to riding a motorcycle. With the power of positive thinking and a belief system that something greater than her existed, she moved from paralysis to purpose. 

Join Tracy as she shares her story and gives you the keys to unlocking YOUR best life, and gain the wisdom to start your journey.

Surviving or Thriving


Simple tips to help anyone comfortably transition from living an unwanted experience to flourishing life. Tracy is a Survivor of a 9th grade education, teen pregnancy, abuse of many kinds, divorce, building and loss of an empire, most importantly walked after being paralyzed from the waist down. She drawls from this wealth of knowledge gained through life lessons and what she refers to as "Initiations" to share how you too can move forward from ANY moment of impact.

Living Your Best Life


Many of Us have heard of "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction". A lot of people have subscribed to affirmation guru messages and positive thinking apps and emails. Unfortunately, they leave us wondering "Why doesn't my life reflect the life I want yet?"

Years ago I was a hard headed, independent woman and for the most part believing I was always right. I also wondered why I wasn't living my greatness. Then I discovered I had to unlearn what I knew to make room for My Best Life. Most have us have learned unhelpful patterns that hinder or block the greatness. What we speak, think, and how we move forward effects the flow of abundance to our lives! Whether the abundance you seek is within the family, relationship, financial, or career- your keys to unlocking your best life are directly impacted by our actions.
  • Discover if You are playing Offense or Defense in the game of Life
  • Habits...Helpful information on How to Create Patterns that serve Your Highest & Greatest Good
  • Clues to gaining Self-Awareness to Your Life Purpose 
Join Tracy in this workshop designed to not only giving you the keys, but showing you how to actually unlock the potential that will set you on the path to living YOUR best life.
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