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Cosmic TourCosmic TourJourney to Several Cosmic Portals near the four corners.

Sacred Ceremonies
Story Telling

Stops include:
Sand Dunes
Chimney Rock Nat Monument Shopping
Hot Spring TourHot Spring TourTravel to my 3 favorite Colorado Hot Spring:
Pagosa Springs,
Glenwood Springs Pool or Vapor Caves
Create Your Own AdventureCreate Your Own AdventureI'm always open to new adventures!!

If you would like to discuss traveling to Your favorite destinations feel free to contact me
I look forward to hearing from you!!
Shamanic TourShamanic TourJourney to the Navajo Reservation near the four corners.
Experience a traditional Drum Ceremony in a Hogan along with sacred ceremonies at various sites.

Last night in the Beautiful Pagosa Hot Springs!

Stops include:
Aztec Ruins Nat Monument Chimney Rock Nat Monument Shopping
Yellowstone National Park TourYellowstone National Park TourYellowstone has something for everyone. Whether you delight in the challenge of a strenuous hike or prefer to sit quietly and watch the sunset, the park offers a great diversity of activities for you to enjoy. With so many adventures to choose from, you’ll have some tough decisions to make.

Yellowstone National Park has approximately half of the world's geysers and most of them, including Old Faithful, are located in the Upper Geyser Basin.

Yellowstone offers amazing wildlife viewing opportunities any time of day or year. Animals tend to feed during early morning and evening and may be more visible at these times because they're up and moving around. Bears begin emerging from hibernation in March and April and can often be seen grazing in roadside meadows until the heat of summer pushes them to higher elevations (and away from roads). Winter is a great time to watch wolves because they're out of their dens (pups usually emerge in May) and easier to see on a snowy landscape.

Red Lands TourRed Lands Tour3 Sacred Sites: Moab, Colorado National Monument and McInnis Canyons. Final stop in the beautiful Glenwood Springs for Hot Springs or Vapor Cave experience.

Moab - Moab is home to several of Utah’s most diverse National Parks. Within minutes of town you will find yourself surrounded by out-of-this-world red rock landscape of Arches National Park. Less than an hour’s drive will put you atop the mythical sounding Island in the Sky, a remarkable district of Canyonlands National Park that makes you feel as if you are on top of the world. 

Colorado National Monument - Sheer-walled canyons, towering monoliths, colorful formations, desert bighorn sheep, and soaring eagles are all found at Colorado National Monument. And those are just a few of the breathtaking landscapes and species that make up the spectacular 32 square mile park. 

McInnis Canyons - Among its unique natural resources are the more than 75,000 acres of the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness, which includes the second-largest concentration of natural arches in North America. Internationally important fossils have been uncovered during more than a century of excavation. Pictograph and petroglyph sites abound, and the Old Spanish Trail, once referred to as the “longest, crookedest, most arduous mule route in the history of America”.
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