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Strategies for the Strange Mini Series

Strategies for the Strange Mini Series

Strategies for the Strange Mini Series
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Have you ever been referred to as Explosive or TOO Sensitive? Does your sensitivity feel more like a curse than a gift? Do you feel that this world is too loud, harsh, and/or overwhelming from an emotional perspective? If you answer “yes” to any of these, this workshop is designed for you. 
This workshop provides discussion and practical tools for those who may be “Highly Sensitive” &/or “Empath” – for it is a Gift! Throughout this workshop, discussion and tools are provided in order to develop into an Empowered Empath.
I'll be recording and sitting in circle.I'll be recording and sitting in circle.2018 Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat - Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis are hosting the third annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat and Conference on Friday, August 31st through Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington. This weekend gathering includes conference speakers, spiritual and developmental workshops, sharing circles, vendors offering products and services, meals (additional), fun activities, and many opportunities to commune with kindred spirits, nature, and our beloved Sasquatch Elders.
Excited to Speak and provide my services!Excited to Speak and provide my services!Galactic Collective Conference in Arvada, Colorado - Calling all Starbeings! Building a bridge from old world and traditions to the new world and paradigm. 13 messengers speak the star knowledge.
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